Laker signs Development Agreement in Dover

The signing of legal agreements between Dover District Council and development partners Stonehurst Estates and Bond City means the project has reached a stage further than ever before since it was first identified for retail in 1997. The Development Agreement lays out the obligations of each party and runs alongside hotel and retail leases and the car park management agreement that details plans to run the St James’ site parking area on the same basis as Sainsburys in Deal where motorists can park for the DTIZ and to use other parts of the town.

Planning applications, one for the 100-bed Travelodge hotel and the other for about 15 shops, up to 12 flats at Castle Street, a restaurant town square and parking is expected to be submitted in just days. Mr Ingleton said: “It is the council’s desire to see an early grant of planning consent, probably in the early spring.”

John Laker, of Bond City, said: “We have continued to make significant progress and look forward to moving on to make the St James development a success for the town of Dover, delivering exciting new retailers in a town centre environment.”

Mr Ingleton said: “It really was a momentous day. It signifies the developers’ confidence in the scheme and we are now looking forward to this moving forward expeditiously. “The next stage is the imminent submission of the planning applications.”

DDC leader Paul Watkins said: “This is a very significant step forward. We have put a legal framework in place and we now look forward to seeing the submission for planning permission.
“This is an important part of a bigger picture for the district as we continue to work with partners on a growth programme for the future of the area.”